Noopept Powder

Promotes cognition and serves as a neuroprotectant

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Noopept Powder Overview

Noopept is said to be one of the strongest Piracetam analogues available, and works similarly in terms of mechanisms of action. Overall, Noopept has shown benefits in terms of improved mood, increased levels of focus and restored cognitive performance. (memory, concentration, etc.)

How is this achieved?

Well, firstly, Noopept is very bioavailable¹, which means it is easily absorbed into the body, either sublingually (mind the taste!) or via your gastrointestinal tract. We're providing a capped product primarily because of the taste and for added convenience.

Now, once digested in the GIT, it (easily) crosses the blood-brain barrier for rapid absorption within the brain.²

Chemically, Noopept is known as N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, and it converts to cyclo-prolylglycine when it is in the brain. L-cyclo-proglycine is an endogenous (native) neuropeptide within the brain which is responsible for regulating ones reaction to fear. This is where the anxiolytic (mood) aspect of Noopept comes in, and how it is exhibits the same mechanisms of action as Piracetam on the brain.³ 

Additionally, there are studies which demonstrate the neuroprotective, regenerative and memory improving properties of this smart drug, referenced herehere and here.

In the studies we see that Noopept has a positive effect on cognitive-restoration by way of neuronal plasticity and the neuroprotective benefits are demonstrated by its ability to reduce neurotoxicity.

Finally, Noopept stimulates nerve growth factor, or NGF for short, which is a protein that is important for neuron growth and maintenance.

So we can see there is a lot of research being done on Noopept, which is demonstrating promising results not only in the lab but also for people who use it on a day-to-day basis.

Key Benefits

Said to improve cognition 
Can be neuroprotective 
Can assist in stimulating NGF 
Can help restore neuronal plasticity 

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  • Product Name:Noopept Powder
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  • Description: Promotes cognition and serves as a neuroprotectant
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