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Neurostim™ Overview

Neurostim™ has been designed to be the overall cognitive boosting nootropic formula, aimed at strengthening the connections and speed of neuronal communication, improving working memory and promoting brain efficiency at a neurotransmitter level.

We developed Neurostim to perform a very specific number of roles; we wanted it to primarily improve the rate at which neurons fire signals within the brain. Achieving this would result in a faster thought process and a better working memory, and these are the three compounds we've chosen for this purpose:

•    Aniracetam, for facilitating faster responses in the brain
•    DMAE, for assisting racetam function
•    Vinpocetine (in the form of Vinponature) which is an effective neural-antioxidant.

Neurostim takes the guess-work out of basic nootropic supplementation. Whether you are looking to improve mental performance for academic purposes, in the work-place, or if you simply want to slow the effects of an aging mind, Neurostim is sure to be a beneficial solution.

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Key Benefits

Assists in a faster thought process ✝
Can improve concentration and mental alertness ✝
Promotes more effective cognitive function ✝
Vinpocetine shown to have neuroprotective benefits ✝

Reviews (1)

May 6, 2018
My favorite stack
I've taken this for years, and I am sad to see it out of stock! It has greatly increased my mental performance in many areas, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to start stack building quickly. Pairs well with caffeine, choline supplement, modafinil + other racetams.

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  • Description: Designed for optimal cognition and mental performance
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